My Life Vision Journal Ebook

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Start your 25 Day Journey!

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For the Spirit:
25 vision days of a distinct relaxation period is created; a period of time clearly chiseled out as rest. Your busy schedule makes room for this period and it determines your state of affairs, what you can put in place to make modifications and how to see a lasting outcome.

For the Mind Embodiment/Emotions/Ego:
25 vision days of renewal and revisualization, chaos and confusion begin to become concentration and certainty. Your state of being is refreshed and accomplishments feel much more achievable.

For the Physical:
25 vision days of clear tangible directions, which is why the physical is the final approach. It produces lasting outcomes that must clearly process through the Spirit, Mind (Embodiment/Emotions/Ego), resulting in the overflow into recognizable tangibles that explode like continuous smiling, laughter, self confidence, and accomplishments. You begin to build a visual path that allows you to walk in life’s newest refreshing everyday!

…But most of all, You have a Heavenly Father that has held your hand every step of the way!!!


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