Top 10 Things to Know as a Life Coach

COURSE OUTCOMES and LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  This course will help students to learn the top ten things as a Life Coach, which would include, defining collaboratively the coaching process, communicate more clearly, to be woke (aware), how to establish trust & truth, grow in credibility, create wealth, design results, see value, address resistance, and to be mobilize. Upon completion of this course, students will have a better understanding their roles and responsibilities as a Life Coach.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Coaches must have the necessary life experiences and communication skills to be totally present to their clients, to really listen to them, and provide a safe arena to express ideas. This course will focus on how to be a Life Coach and help you have a better understanding what Life Coach is and what it is not. You will have the opportunity to build a foundation in Life Coach by pursuing Mastery in Coaching by designing supportive coaching environments. 

CSP-4000-FA1-10 Things to Know – Life Coach

*New-Life Coach Certification

COURSE OUTCOMES and LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  This course will certify students in masterful coaching by Co-Creating a relationship, establishing trust, and understanding as well as a coaching presence full of authenticity and confidence. During this course, students will be able to successfully communicate clearly with actively listening and powerful questions. They will be evaluating and integrating multiple sources of information and creating better awareness of self with greater possibilities. Upon completion of this course, students will have an elite set of Core Competencies necessary for Mastery Coaching.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines Life coaching and analyzes the foundational environment on which the practice of coaching is founded and facilitates applicable concepts and methods. This is a continuation of the course, The Top 10 Things to Know as a Life Coach, the Coach is more engaged in the practice of coaching, conversation styles as well as coaching-related skills including, actively listening, accountability, questioning, planning, designing actions, and goal setting. You will gain Mastery in Coaching with demonstration.

CSP-4000-GR1-Life Coach Certification

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