How to Become a Life Coach

This course will bring focus to the wide and fast-growing field of life coaching. Life coaches specialize in all areas including careers and personal growth. Students must have a deep desire for listening and studying, as well as a commitment to others. Learning outcomes include what life coaching is and is not, who needs a life coach, an in-depth overview of types of coaches and what makes an excellent coach, how you identify with coaching, and an exploration of your strengths and opportunities in coaching. Supplies needed: Notebook. Handouts will be given in class.

Life Coach II: Mobilizing the Coachee and Coach Let’s Talk

This course is a continuation of How to Become a Life Coach and will provide methods for how to mobilize the coachee to seek to understand and unlock their coaching potential. Concept will include coaching for purpose and enabling client transformation. Students with Life Coaching and it is designed to bring coach and client conversations to life. Students should complete How to Become a Life Coach and Life Coach II.

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